Church of the Lost and Found

"As always remove me from this place that You be heard, that all I say that should be forgotten make it be, and all that should be remembered please have it be, that You be glorified, the church be edified and the man nearest hell be saved."

.....Beaver's prayer before his sermons


Sermon(06-Apr-2005)"The Parable of the Lost Son"

Sermon(06-Apr-2010)"The Crucifixion(As seen from the eyes of a Roman Centurion)"

:::::BEAVER'S 20001 SERMONS:::::

Sermon(04-Feb-2001)"The Book of Jude"

Sermon(11-Feb-2001)"Till the storm passes by"

Sermon(18-Feb-2001)"Our Time"

Sermon(25-Feb-2001)"Ten seconds till home"

Sermon(05-Mar-2001)"Jesus Heals the Centurion Soldier"

Sermon(11-Mar-2001)"I AM - Book of John"

Sermon(18-Mar-2001)"The Better Covenant"

Sermon(25-Mar-2001)"The rich young ruler"

Sermon(15-Apr-2001)"The Resurrection Sunday"

Sermon(23-Apr-2001)"David Prays for Restoration"

Sermon(29-Apr-2001)"The Pearl"

Sermon(06-May-2001)"The Lost Son Comes Home"

Sermon(15-May-2001)"Revival at the Beach"

Sermon(20-May-2001)"What Manner of Man?"

Sermon(27-May-2001)"The Book of Jeremiah"

Sermon(03-Jun-2001)"Don't Hustle a Hustler"

Sermon(10-Jun-2001)"When God Finds Sinner"

Sermon(17-Jun-2001)"Abraham & Isaac"

Sermon(08-Jul-2001)"The seven I AM's"


Sermon(05-Aug-2001)"Why me?"

Sermon(12-Aug-2001)"When You Believe"

Sermon(19-Aug-2001)"When Jesus Calls"

Sermon(26-Aug-2001)"Weep for Your Country"

Sermon(02-Sep-2001)"Pop Quiz"

Sermon(09-Sep-2001)"Blind Bartemaeus"

Sermon(16-Sep-2001)"God Bless the USA"

Sermon(23-Sep-2001)"No Greater Love"

Sermon(30-Sep-2001)"Yesterday, Today, Forever"

Sermon(07-Oct-2001)"Neutralizing Fear"


Sermon(21-Oct-2001)"The Parable of the Sower"

Sermon(04-Nov-2001)"Israel's Restoration"

Sermon(11-Nov-2001)"Is your God to small?"

Sermon(18-Nov-2001)"God will free all Creation"

Sermon(25-Nov-2001)"Don't Be One of the Nine"


Sermon(09-Dec-2001)"Preparing for Christmas"

Sermon(16-Dec-2001)"Proclamation of His coming"

Sermon(23-Dec-2001)"Consummation of His coming"

Sermon(30-Dec-2001)"My Best Christmas Yet"

:::::BEAVER'S SERMONS 2015 :::::

Sermon(04-Jan-2015)"All Scripture is God Breathed"

Sermon(11-Jan-2015)"Islam IS the Problem"

Sermon(18-Jan-2015)"Are You a Do-It-Yourself Christian?"

Sermon(25-Jan-2015)"Don't Forget Who's #1"

Sermon(01-Feb-2015)"God's Super Bowl"

Sermon(08-Feb-2015)"God Will Fulfill his Book"

Sermon(15-Feb-2015)"What think ye of Christ?"

Sermon(22-Feb-2015)"Apostasy - The Great Falling Away"

Sermon(01-Mar-2015)"A Thousand Years"

Sermon(08-Mar-2015)"What shall I do with this Man called Jesus"

Sermon(15-Mar-2015)"Christians must stand up"

Sermon(22-Mar-2015)"Lamb of God"

Sermon(29-Mar-2015)"Not much changes much"

Sermon(05-Apr-2015)"Resurrection Day 2015 - Told by a Roman Centurion"

Sermon(12-Apr-2015)"Washed in the blood of Jesus"

Sermon(1-Apr-2015)"What is Faith?"

Sermon(03-May-2015)"Rapture of the Church"

Sermon(10-May-2015)"Mothers Day"

Sermon(17-May-2015)"Isaiah--The Bible within the Bible"

Sermon(24-May-2015)"The two blind men"

Sermon(31-May-2015)"The Resurrection"

Sermon(07-Jun-2015)"The predictions of the last days"

Sermon(14-Jun-2015)"The 23rd Psalm"

Sermon(21-Jun-2015)"Who has known the Mind of the Lord"

Sermon(28-Jun-2015)"The demon filled man"

Sermon(05-Jul-2015)"Get ready to go home"

Sermon(12-Jul-2015)"Cities of Refuge"


Sermon(26-Jul-2015)"John 3:36"

Sermon(08-Aug-2015)"The Story of Preparation"

Sermon(16-Aug-2015)"Jesus Will Set You Free"

Sermon(23-Aug-2015)"How Faith Helps Healing"

Sermon(30-Aug-2015)"Good News!"

Sermon(06-Sep-2015)"What do I do with this Man called Jesus"

Sermon(20-Sep-2015)"Job is an Inspiration"

Sermon(27-Sep-2015)"The Change in Paul's Life"

Sermon(04-Oct-2015)"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"

Sermon(11-Oct-2015)"The Faith of Noah"

Sermon(18-Oct-2015)"Reign of the Annointed"

Sermon(24-Oct-2015)"Be Ready for Every Good Work"

Sermon(13-Dec-2015)"Luke Had the Inside Information"

Sermon(20-Dec-2015)"Believe It or Not"

Sermon(27-Dec-2015)"The Devil Will Flee"

:::::BEAVER'S SERMONS 2016 :::::

Sermon(03-Jan-2016)"Come Home!"

Sermon(17-Jan-2016)"About Paul..."

Sermon(31-Jan-2016)"Say 'Later' Not 'Goodbye'"

Sermon(07-Feb-2016)"The Seven Bowls of Judgement"

Sermon(14-Feb-2016)"God's Valentine"

Sermon(21-Feb-2016)"How Do WE Know We're Saved?"

Sermon(28-Feb-2016)"The more things change, the more they stay the same"

Sermon(06-Mar-2016)"The blood of the Lamb"

Sermon(13-Mar-2016)"The supremacy of God's Son"

Sermon(20-Mar-2016)"The letter to Theophilus"

Sermon(27-Mar-2016)"The Centurion's Story"

Sermon(03-Apr-2016)"Paul was a rabble rouser"

Sermon(10-Apr-2016)"Ken Smith - Visiting Preacher"

Sermon(17-Apr-2016)"What is REAL sin?"

Sermon(01-May-2016)"The SURE things"

Sermon(08-May-2016)"The chosen Mother"

Sermon(15-May-2016)"Be a Christian Soldier"


Sermon(29-May-2016)"God is still in control"


Sermon(03-Jul-2016)"July 3"

Sermon(10-Jul-2016)"July 10"

Sermon(17-Jul-2016)"July 17"

Sermon(24-Jul-2016)"July 24"

Sermon(31-Jul-2016)"July 31"

Sermon(14-Aug-2016)"August 14"

Sermon(21-Aug-2016)"August 21"

Sermon(28-Aug-2016)"August 28"

Sermon(04-Sep-2016)"September 4"

Sermon(11-Sep-2016)"September 11 - Beaver's Final Sermon"

:::::W. Norman Greenway (Beaver's Dad) :::::

Beaver would often mention his dad Norman in his sermons and said he was very influentual in his faith and style. Below are a few of his dad's sermons.







August 8, 2012

August 12, 2012

August 19, 2012

February 10, 2013

Hold My Mule - August 25, 2013

September 8, 2013

March 19, 2014

July 5, 2015

July 12, 2015